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Miss White is a cachaça destined to special people, those who know how to appreciate the best of this crystalline distilled drink, which arouses all senses whether served pure or combined with the tastier fruits. Perfect for the young, the adults, for men and women, expert or not, Miss White is the cachaça that will certainly reinvent your palate towards the best drinks.


Typically Brazilian, the cachaça is a symbol of the country’s tradition and flavors. According to historians, it was Portuguese colonizer Martim Afonso de Souza who started, back in 1534, the production of this distilled, which nowadays owns, in Minas Gerais State, Brazil, Miss White’s house – its largest and most well-known production center.


Forget vodka and other distilled beverages. A caipirinha can only be called that when the perfect mixture of ice and lime encounters a delicious cachaça. With balanced chemistry and standardized substances, Miss White is the ideal cachaça for the mix of fruit and sugars to generate the best cocktails.


As soon as she popped in Rio de Janeiro, pretty Ms. White fell in love.

Parties, beaches, carnival… On vacation for a week she tried all of the Brazilian culture’s flavors. But of all the flavors of the place, the most stunning was one she had never tasted before: caipirinha’s.

Oh, caipirinha! That mixture of lime, ice and cachaça had within it the taste of all the moments she had been through in that magical land.

Once she was back to her homeland, we received a handwritten letter along with a picture.

In the picture, a young lady named Miss White was holding a glass with ice and lime.

Her own hand had written to us about her experience in Brazil, and about how grateful she was for remembering this fantastic cocktail called caipirinha, also saying it was made with a local cachaça.

At last, she asked us to send her at least one bottle so she could prepare, in her own country, a drink she said it was ‘the taste of Brazil’.

Unfortunately, when we were about to send her a special box o four most traditional cachaça, we realized we did not have her letter, any longer. We searched our whole office, but couldn’t find it!

We couldn’t leave Miss White unanswered! In record time, we organized a surprise for her: a new cachaça, especially produced for the international market, formulated for making caipirinhas, as a tribute to her.

Without her address, and without finding a way to retribute such a gentle letter, our hope is that this beverage, named after her, gets to her as quickly as possible.

Our dream? That Miss White tastes it at least once again. And that we can repay her compliments with the best cachaça for caipirinhas that has ever been made!

Help us find Miss White, and we’ll help you tasting the best cachaça.

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Located in Minas Gerais State, Brazil, Fazenda Independência (Independence Farm) started its production in 1960 with agriculturist José Maria Santana. Nowadays under the supervision of Junior Santana, the property houses not only the family secrets for the development of the best cachaça, but also one of the country’s best preserved Atlantic forests..


Here at the farm the best cachaça’s manufacturing process begins in the sugarcane fields, where the canes are harvested by hand, no burning. After harvest, the sugarcane is crushed, fermented, distilled in copper stills, and stored in Jequitiba’s (a native Brazilian tree) vats for a period of 6 months to a year, before being bottled and sold.


Our experts in the art of producing cachaça maintain a process already established at our farm for obtaining a pure, tasty, smooth, and excess-free liquid. Miss White’s distillation is judiciously made by fractional method, following the most rigorous quality control standards available today.


Compulsory for the superior quality of our beverage, the water in Miss White comes from a pure and crystalline water spring, housed amidst the native forest of our own farm. Free of any contaminant, its purity is essential for guaranteeing quality throughout all the manufacturing process and the standardization of flavor in each bottle.


Certified by IMA (Minas Gerais’ Agriculture Institute), Independence Farm is supervised by agronomist Junior Santana. He is graduated from Viçosa’s Federal University, besides studying the production of handmade cachaças with some of the country’s leading authorities on the subject, including Dr. Amazile Biagioni Maia, and Maria das Graças.


After distillation, the cachaça Miss White is stored in Jequitiba’s (a native Brazilian tree) vats for a period of 6 months to a year. Jequitibá is a neutral wood that maintains the cachaça perfectly smooth. Due to the gas exchange provided by the wood, the beverage goes through chemical reactions which generate a light aroma of sugarcane with citrus touches.

Get to know the sustainability involved in the process

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1 Tahiti lemon

50 ml of cachaça Miss White

2 tea spoons of sugar



Cut the lemon in cubes, and put it at the bottom of the glass. Add sugar, pressing it lightly with a wooden spoon. Add the ice, and the cachaça. Mix it well with a spoon before serving.



1 Kiwi.

60 ml of cachaça Miss White

30 ml of sugar syrup

15 ml of lemon juice


Blend all with 8 ice cubes. Use the frozen-type glass.



60 ml of cachaça Miss White

30 ml of sugar syrup

3 or 4 mandarin buds

5 leaves of fresh mint


Mix the mandarin buds, the sugar syrup, and the cachaça Miss White with lots of ice in the jigger. Pour it in a tall glass, and add fresh mint for decoration.

Fazenda Independência

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