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The culture of sugarcane is sacred, nothing is lost!

After the manual, burning-free harvest, the fermentation broth is extracted, and the bagasse is used as engine fuel. It is burnt in the boilers in order to produce the steam responsible for moving the entire farm’s productive structure, as well as warming the wine in the stills’ distillation process.

Our distillation is fractioned. In other words, the compounds with lower boiling point are called “the head of cachaça” – a low quality drink. This corresponds to 10% of the whole beverage, and is detached from the rest.

Soon after that comes the “heart”, the true cachaça! A quality beverage that corresponds to 80% of the whole, and lastly the compounds with higher boiling point, called “the tail of the cachaça”, which are also low in quality. The latter is separated along with the “head”, and both will be distilled in a separate distiller for the production of fuel to be used in the farm’s cars. Every two liters made out of “head and tail” are transformed into one liter of fuel.

The cachaça’s byproduct, the “vinasse”, has high Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), therefore it can’t be thrown into waterways. It is rich in nitrogen and potassium, and used in the farm’s pastures’ fertigation.

The boiler’s ashes also return to the fields for being rich in potassium. The tip of the sugarcane is used cattle tract, and the manure is used in the cane fields as an organic fertilizer.

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